Worship Opportunities:

You are always welcome here! God promises to meet you where you are, whatever your circumstances and with whatever questions you have. You can also share your gifts here. You have experiences, knowledge, and talents to share. Here you can grow in your faith and help others to grow in their faith. 

Worship Online, or Channel 990, or in our Parking Lot

Parking Lot Services Every Sunday at 10:30am in April

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Order of Service - April 11, 2021

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 Out of concern for the most vulnerable among us, we have moved the majority of our meetings, events, and worship services online.


Welcome Pastor Collier!

A Message from Pastor Collier - 


I am Pastor Rich Collier, and I am here to be your Interim Pastor while you go through the process of Calling a new Pastor to serve you here at First English Lutheran Church.

The process of finding a new Pastor is not an easy one.  The pastor is someone who serves many roles in a congregation.   They need to be the CEO over the business of a congregation.   They are the Spiritual Leader of the congregation, preaching God’s word and guiding the spiritual life of this community of faith.  The pastor also becomes that Special Friend, who can be with you in some of the most emotionally significant times in your family’s life.  

The work of choosing a new pastor should be approached with great intent, and great prayer.  It is my privilege to be with you and to offer guidance and support as you undertake this holy task.  It will be especially challenging in this time of widespread illness and the need for caution.

And now, some information about me.

I have been a pastor for 38 years.   For 26 years I have been serving exclusively as a full time Intentional Interim Pastor in congregations all over southern Wisconsin.  My last assignment was helping the congregation of Dekorra Lutheran Church in Poynette.  

Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, I attended college at Edinboro U of  Pennsylvania.  and seminary at Wartburg Seminary in Dubuque, IA.  My first Call was with a 3 point parish in eastern North Dakota.  Mayville, WI has been home for 19 years now.  I am a widower.   My daughter lives in Fond Du Lac with her husband and two sons, Finn and Everett.  

I will usually be in the office Monday and Wednesday.  I often have Zoom meeting on Tuesday and Thursday, which I conduct from home.  You can also contact me by email at revcollier@sbcglobal.net       My cell number is 1-920-904-4818.

There is a place for you here at First English Lutheran Church. 
401 W. Main Street Whitewater, WI 53190
Church Office:  262-473-5076

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First English Lutheran Church, Whitewater, Wisconsin

In Response to COIVD -19


  • We are all called by God to responsibly love of our neighbors and protecting the most vulnerable.
  • That all voices are equally valued and included. All are welcome at FELC.
  • The plan prioritizes the reduction of risk of infection of members, staff and guests. 

        All members of the Church and Visitors are expected to:

  1. Acknowledge that the virus is an uncertain thing and that our participation of any kind of FELC activities is voluntary and at our own risk/choice.
  2. Wear a face covering, maintaining 6ft physical distance from one another and use hand sanitizer while on church property/buildings.
  3. Always “Sign in” when they visit Church property.
  4. Schedule the use of church property with the Office Manager at least 3 days in advance before entering the space.
  5. Graciously remind one another of safety expectations and to comply without malice or disrespect.
  6. Seek to support social interaction as each individual determines what is best for them and their situation. We will inquire and be sensitive to the needs of others.
  7. To share with Pastor Steve or Office Manager Tammy Hedrick, knowing that their identity will be protected as much as possible, if they have a positive test result for COVID-19 or exposure.
  8. If members have had a COVID test and are waiting for results, they will stay off church property and not participate at in-person activities.


Earth Day is April 22nd

                                                          We’re care takers of God’s creation every day!

                                                          Be on the look out for daily Facebook posts 

                                                         for simple ideas to conserve Earth’s resources

                                                           and protect the environment. 

                                                           Positive, practical and easy to do,

                                                          throughout April and May! 

Here are the first two weeks to get us started:

1-Read all about it Every time you recycle a pile of papers a yard high, you save a tree from the chop!

2-Lusher lawns Longer grass retains moisture better, so in hot weather let your lawn grow a little longer  before you cut it, to avoid brown patches and extra watering.

3- Canvas totes Those plastic bags add up.  Bring your own cloth bags when you head out to shop.

4-Less speed, more fuel Attention all speeders!! Driving at 50 mph is 25% more fuel efficient than driving at 70 mph. 

5-Ride a bike A four mile trip by bike rather than car, prevents about 15 pounds of air pollution.

6-Make the most of your fan Circulating the air in your home saves on heating and cooling.

7-Fly a kite Get the family outdoors enjoying the power of the wind.  You’ll get fit, and have fun!

8-Hidden charge  If you leave your cell phone charger plugged in all the time, 95% of the energy it consumes will go to waste. So, unplug your charger when not in use.

9-Drain busting Clean your drains with a mixture of baking soda and vinegar in boiling water. No need for chemical cleaners that damage aquatic life. A plunger helps too, of course.

10-Up, Up and Away Use natural latex balloons to adorn parties. They’re fully biodegradable.

11-Travel Light Out exploring?  Take nothing but pictures; leave nothing but footprints.

12-Let’s hear it for latex paint Because they’re water based, latex paints contain fewer chemicals.

13-Visit and buy from the Farmers Market  Well…of course!!

14-Reinvent the wheel If your car’s tire can’t be fixed with retreading, consider eco-friendly tires that   use organic ingredients. 

Thrift Shoppe Open! By Appointment Only

Call for your private Thrift Shoppe experience.

 Call dates are Wednesday, Friday 1pm-4pm. 262-473-3138

We look forward to seeing you!

Church Office Closed!

Out of an abundance of caution,

the church office will be closed to the public until further notice but church business is still being done!

Please call 262-473-5076 to request an appointment for assistance with any office needs, drop offs, or pick ups.