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Hymn 779  Amazing Grace(NEW BRITAIN)

Nahuel Recoba, tenor

Dr. Sarah Read Gehrenbeck, organ


Amazing grace!‚Äďhow sweet the sound‚Äď

that saved a wretch like me!

I once was lost, but now am found;

was blind, but now I see.


‚ÄėTwas grace that taught my heart to fear,¬†

and grace my fears relieved;

how precious did that grace appear

the hour I first believed!


Through many dangers, toils, and snares

I have already come;

‚Äėtis grace has brought me safe thus far,

and grace will lead me home.


Lyrics for "Your Grace is Enough" (Matt Maher)

Your Grace Is Enough (G Major)

Verse 1

Great is Your faithfulness oh God, You wrestle with the sinner's heart

You lead us by still waters and to mercy, And nothing can keep us apart

So remember Your people, Remember Your children

Remember Your promise, Oh God


Your grace is enough, Your grace is enough, Your grace is enough for me

Great is Your love and justice God, You use the weak to lead the strong

You lead us in the song of Your salvation,And all Your people sing along

So remember Your people, Remember Your children

Remember Your promise, Oh God

Chorus (2X)

So remember Your people, Remember Your children

Remember Your promise, Oh God

Your grace is enough, Your grace is enough, Your grace is enough for me

Your grace is enough, Heaven reaching down to us Your grace is enough for me

God I sing your grace is enough, I'm covered in your love

Your grace is enough for me



HYMN 461 All Who Hunger, Gather Gladly (HOLY MANNA)

Cassie Coenen, mezzo

Dr. Sarah Read Gehrenbeck, organ


All who hunger, gather gladly; 

holy manna is our bread.

Come from wilderness and wand’ring. 

Here in truth we will be fed.

You that yearn for days of fullness, 

all around us is our food.

Taste and see the grace eternal. 

Taste and see that God is good.


All who hunger, never strangers; 

seeker, be a welcome guest.

Come from restlessness and roaming. 

Here in joy we keep the feast.

We that once were lost and scattered 

in communion’s love have stood.

Taste and see the grace eternal. 

Taste and see that God is good.


All who hunger, sing together, 

Jesus Christ is living bread.

Come from loneliness and longing. 

Here in peace we have been fed.

Blest are those who from this table 

live their days in gratitude.

Taste and see the grace eternal. 

Taste and see that God is good.



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You are always welcome here! God promises to meet you where you are, whatever your circumstances and with whatever questions you have. You can also share your gifts here. You have experiences, knowledge, and talents to share. Here you can grow in your faith and help others to grow in their faith. There is a place for you here at First English Lutheran Church. 
401 W. Main Street ~  Whitewater, WI 53190

Out of concern for the most vulnerable among us, we have cancelled meetings, events, and worship services in the building until further notice.  Please join us for online worship and music and other videos on our Facebook page.  Call the church office at (262) 473-5076.

Please check here, on Facebook and the Whitewater Banner for further updates.

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As the new school year begins in this uncertain time of COVID-19, I ask you to pray for all students, teachers, parents, grandparents, and school workers.  Support them; speak up for them; be compassionate and understanding in light of the difficult decisions they make in this challenging time.  Pray for elementary, middle, & high schools, and universities, especially UW-Whitewater.  Pray for those doing virtual learning and teaching (including parents), those in-person, and those doing a hybrid. It is important to give priority to student and employee health.  Watching the public health situation will be important in coming weeks and months. Flexibility and adaptability is crucial.  Being committed to practices to stay well yourself and to keep others well is essential.

Churches, too, are navigating uncharted waters.  We are grateful to our Re-Gathering Task Force for shaping guidelines for a gradual process of gathering in lower-risk ways.  That does not yet include in-person worship.  Please read this update from the Task Force: 

The Task Force was charged to create a ‚Äúplan‚ÄĚ for the Church Council and staff to use in guiding the re-gathering of our congregation physically while we gather virtually and in our hearts. The Task Force focused on making recommendations that are informed, practical, inclusive, and flexible to respond in these changing times.¬† The¬†Council has established a¬†Review Committee to review future requests & plans and to monitor gating criteria for the Church Council. The Review Committee is made up of Pastor Steve, Barb Penington, Jan Bilgen, Tammy Hedrick¬† and 1 other member who served on the Task Force.¬†Any activity/meeting related to FELC needs to submit a plan of sorts for the Group to review. The plan can be emailed to Tammy, our Office Manager¬†(secretaryfelcww@gmail.com¬†) OR use the form found here:¬†https://forms.gle/QBP7xqRi8qv1UWNz9¬†Once it is reviewed you'll be contacted with feedback/approval.¬† Thank you for all that you do to "walk" the love and word of our Lord and Church!

The Worship & Music committee has planned a Contactless Parking Lot Service (CPLS) for Sunday, August 30 at 7:00 p.m.  Our worship services will continue online, on our website:  firstenglishlutheranchurch.360unite.com     They are also on the local TV station 990--at 9:00 a.m. & 12:00 noon each day. The Wisconsin Council Churches (WCC), which represents over 1,000,000 members in more than 2,000 congregations, found that about 75% of congregations are doing only online (and some outdoor) worship at this time.  They recommend continuing online (and lower-risk outdoor) worship only.  I am so grateful for our online worship leaders and participants.

We long to return to what we know, to re-enter our buildings, and so we evaluate what modifications we can take to lower the risks.  We are in exile from our sense of normalcy and security.  We realize we are not in control.  We need to keep depending on God's grace, as God's people in the past did, in our own pandemic exile.  What is God calling you to nurture in yourself in this time?  How can we continue to care for the well-being of the entire community?  Can we continue to love our neighbors with the same kind of faith and hope of our ancestors who were also delayed in their journeys?

The work of the church continues during the pandemic.  Worship leaders prepare worship in creative ways.  Confirmation classes will be online, starting Sept. 16.  Sunday School will begin classes online in October.  The choir will rehearse in their cars in the parking lot.  The Quilters have continued to make quilts for Lutheran World Relief (LWR).  School kits will be assembled. (After the explosion in Beirut on August 4, in which over 40,000 LWR quilts and kits were destroyed, LWR is asking for monetary donations.  Checks can be made to FELC, with LWR written on the memo line.)  Committees and other groups meet on Zoom. Members call, e-mail and text others to show their care. (Please contact me any time at  pastorsteveww@gmail.com  or 608-354-2058.) Many work at the Food Pantry and Community Space (or give donations) to provide for those in need.  Our Synod will meet in assembly (virtually) on August 29 to elect a bishop & carry on the work of the wider church.

And you continue to support the work of the church with your prayers, your time and your financial support.  Thank you for sending your offerings to the church!  The ongoing ministries of the church depend on your gifts.

God is with you!  God is with us!

In Christ's love,

Pastor Steve







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**  Monday Night Free Campus & Community Meal   **

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Heart Prairie Lutheran Church is the historic church of First English Lutheran Church and still holds oil lamp services during some times of the year.

This year, Heart Prairie Lutheran Church is celebrated its 175th anniversary.¬†¬† A Scandinavian arts and crafts display as well as a sampling of Norwegian food was presented, followed by a historical program with Norwegian music.¬† At 8:30 PM an Oil Lamp service (H√łymesse) took place inside the church.¬†

First English Lutheran Church actively supports Lutheran-Episcopal Campus Ministries on the 
UW-Whitewater Campus, just blocks from the church.  
If the Whitewater School are closed, the church office is also closed.